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Today May 29, 2020 278 1123 196

German Embassy in Sierra Leone supports Caritas Freetown’s Efforts to fight COVID-19

The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Freetown, Sierra Leone, has provided financial and material support to Caritas Freetown to produce and distribute 5,000 face masks as well as to conduct Corona-virus sensitization in vulnerable communities.

Today May 1, 2020 378 1323 496

Caritas Freetown with support from Partners donates Hospital beds and PPEs to government to fight COVID-19..

The donation was done at the Emergency Operational Center (EOC), Wilkinson Road in Freetown. Speaking before the donation, Caritas Programs Manager Ishmeal Alfred Charles......

Today April 24, 2020 578 1424 698

Caritas Freetown, Healey and Lanyi Foundation Donates to MSSE

Caritas Freetown, Healey International and Lanyi Foundation with support from (TZU CHI-Foundation) on 24th of April 2020, donated six thousand bags of 10kgs of rice to the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education at their warehouse in the Saint Edward’s School Compound, May Park, Kingtom, Freetown.....

Today AUG 15, 2017 678 1924 998

Caritas Freetown Emergency Response Team

Caritas freetown participated and donate some cartons of assorted buscuit, some dozens of mega cola and some packets of grafton water.we had a short meeting to map the way forward for our intervention.....

May 29, 2018 418 554 738

Baby Mustapha Meet First Lady Fatima Jabbe Bio

Our #First #Lady is phenomenal, Intriguing and compassionate. Upon seeing Baby Mustapha she immediately carry’s him and baby Mustapha was running temperature, you cannot believe how worried she was, equating baby Mustapha to her own daughter, empathically she asked what can we do now to bring his temperature down, “ I am worried and scared about this baby” you can see from her facial expressions as the baby cries she gets more worried. Thank you Her Excellency I never knew you were this accommodating, lovely and caring for others. Baby Mustapha is proud to have you as our nation’s mother Ma.

Aug 24, 2017 418 554 738

Caritas Freetown 's emergency response to flood and mudslide

Caritas Freetown 's emergency response to flood and mudslide at Culvert community. with support from it partners HIRF and Tzu Chi.....

Aug 17, 2017 321 1381 89

Rev.Fr. Peter Konteh the director of Caritas Freetown .

with Tzu Chi, Healey foundation, are working hold series of meeting for emergency respond to Sierra leone.....

July 25, 2017 169 644 374

Today Archbishop Edward Tamba Charles

Commissioned new 6 borehole Waterwells and 3 hand dug Waterwells rehabilitated in Rokel and it's 6 related communities .....

On Mar 14, 2016 0 250 68

Rev Fr Peter Konteh Caritas Freetown

Fr Peter tell us about the work of Caritas Freetown.....

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Ebola Survival
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On Sep 19, 2016

Caritas freetown Medical team
Caritas freetown medical team at work treating survival .....

On Aug 26, 2017

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