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Today March 9, 2022 915 824 998

Talk To The Camera Special - Caritas Donates Startup Kits To Fire Victims At Kolleh Town

Caritas freetown participated and donate some cartons of assorted buscuit, some dozens of mega cola and some packets of grafton water.we had a short meeting to map the way forward for our intervention.....

Sep 10, 2022 399 554 738

Caritas Freetown Serving Breakfast To Flood Victims In Sierra Leone|Salone Discoveries With KID-AFAN

Caritas Freetown 's emergency response to flood and mudslide at Culvert community. with support from it partners HIRF and Tzu Chi.....

April 27, 2023 321 1381 89

Rev.Fr. Peter Konteh the Director of Caritas Freetown.. My independence Dream!!!!.

As Sierra Leone prepares to celebrate its 62nd independence anniversary, it is an opportunity to reflect on the progress made and the challenges that lie ahead. Some dreams, hopes, and expectations for Sierra Leone could include:.....

Feb 25, 2023 169 644 374

Caritas Freetown Research Team,

done in collaboration with Boston University. Your research has been exceptional and has made a significant contribution to the field of Mental health, and human development. .....

Jan 16, 2023 0 239 68

Rev Fr Peter Konteh Caritas Freetown

A Message from Fr. Peter Konteh on Substance Abuse as a Major Factor in the Electoral Violence.....

On 11 07, 2019 0 990 68

Rev Fr Peter Konteh Caritas Freetown

Sierra Leone: Working to establish a Catholic Health Network - ENN.....