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Caritas Freetown, Healey International Relief Foundation and Lanyi Foundation donates (6,000) six thousand bags of 10kgs of rice to the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education Funded by TZU CHI-Foundation.

Caritas Freetown, Healey International and Lanyi Foundation with support from (TZU CHI-Foundation) on 24th of April 2020, donated six thousand bags of 10kgs of rice to the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education at their warehouse in the Saint Edward’s School Compound, May Park, Kingtom, Freetown. 
According to the programs manager of Caritas Freetown, Mr. Alfred Charles, he said, the intention was to give eight thousand bags of rice which they expected to serve eight thousand beneficiaries in six districts targeting specific chiefdoms that are in need.

In his opening statement, Rev. Father Peter Konteh welcomed everyone to the occasion as he described it as symbolic and timely, because they will be giving out rice to the ministry of Education to complement the effort of the government in supporting education. He said it’s a coincident that it is coming at this time when there are lots of difficulties and hardship as Schools are not on due to the coronavirus, but the children still have the need to eat and feed.
Rev.Father Konteh continued to say that they are making this offer with a  partnership which is the partnership of humanity which compose of: the TZU -CHI Foundation in Taiwan, Healey Foundation in the USA, Lanyi Foundation and Caritas that are base here in Freetown as they implement ( both Caritas and Lanyi ) what they send to give to the beneficiaries.

The CEO of Lanyi Foundation, Mrs Philomena Yumkella, started by introducing her organization, and expressed how privileged she was to be part of the partnership to serve humanity consortium. She said Lanyi has been advocating and helping to secure educational support for students in Sierra Leone. As they sometimes provide books, shoes, food and other educational materials. She thanked Tzu-Chi foundation the provider of the rice, as they have been providing tons of rice of which the beneficiaries are Ebola survivors, mudslide victims, orphanages and they implement by taking it to the beneficiaries.

Thanking the organizations, the head of the free quality education and head of the School feeding program, Mr. Amara Sowa said that the school feeding program helps to ease the tension, boost attendance, improves the nutritional status of the child and even helps to boost the cognitive ability of the child. In his statement, Mr. Sowa said that even though school is close, they still want to give it so that the children can eat and concentrate as they continue learning through the radio teaching program as they have selected six districts excluding the two urban districts that have not benefited from such gestures which are the three districts from the eastern region Kailahun, Kenema and Kono and three districts in the north and north west Bombali, Karene and Kambia. He continues saying that for them not to be bias in distributing the rice they have used an indicator that has helped them select schools for each child to take a bag of rice home in these vulnerable chiefdoms.

In his statement, the permanent secretary of the Ministry of basic and secondary education, Mr. D.W.S Banya, also thanked the consortium on behalf of the ministry and leadership. He also emphasized that it is important at this time to keep the children in one place and food is provided for them. He assured all that, the rice will be used according to it intended purpose.

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